And so yeah the New Year resurrected with an awesome package for the academia and the people of KNUST predictably usurped this unique pack. I wasn’t surprised seeing the chunk of headlines flooding the screens and dailies when the Technocrats grabbed this enviable gift in the fresh days of the year. They inarguably played their cards well with Rockefeller’s axiom as a guide, “Survival of the Fittest.” 

The Unity Hall Team

Well, I think I would, at this juncture, have to satisfy the curiosity of my wonderful readers who are being kept in suspense with this appetite-wetting intro. 

So ladies and gentlemen, without much ado, (Ei, am I emceeing? Ah well, it doesn’t spoil anything), I’d want to introduce to you the trending academic contest of recent times, TEK SMARTEST ’18. Sure, the NUGS-KNUST- REVELIO TEK SMARTEST ’18 was and is indeed the trending story of recent times. 

And what is this contest we are talking about here? Eeem, I think Eugene-The Poet Laureate’s line explains it all, “A Continental academic initiative from among its Fellows that brings up Africa’s Independence in its Royalty, speaking volumes of its Republic to the International Community.” This poetic definition connotes that it is an academic contest organized for and among the traditional halls of KNUST with the (ISA) International Students’ Association not being an exception. 

Part of the Revelio Team Making a Presentation

You are wondering “Who could be the brains behind this great idea?” Right? Okay dear, REVELIO MEDIA did that magic (Want to know more about this group? Well then, a whole article would be needed) in collaboration with the vibrant NUGS of KNUST, ULTIMATE 106.9 FM and many other sponsors. 

Being the second edition, one could expect a better result and oh yes, the thousands of students, staff and academicians that thronged the place were wowed by the series of events that beautified the entire program: the turnout, the sparkling stage décor, the technology, the splendid performances, the robotic dance (the Ghanaian version of Jabbawockeez. Lol) and of course that awesome work by the Host, Kafui Dey. Indeed, that day you could see that Kafui really dey- a full package of ingenuity, he is. 

The clause, “A battle of wits, brains and smartness” as was constantly used in the program’s jingles and hype-notes became a reality on the d-day with the mind-blowing puzzles that came up in the quiz and I realized I was indeed on the TECH campus. Anokwa, “Nyansapo wosane no badwemma mu.” 

Having gone through the CHALLENGE STAGE, after the SURVIVAL, came the paradox; the Mongols-Republic Hall, the Domites-AFrica and the International Student’s Association (ISA) all ‘gave up the ghost.’

Massive Audience at Tek Smartest

The Continentals-Unity Hall (who later would have a story to tell), the Spartans-Independence Hall and the Royals- Queens Hall made their names into the final, a.k.a the SMARTEST Stage of the competition and at the end of it all, the twin-tower Hall of Power- the CONTINENTALS, made history as the ’18 TEK SMARTEST.
I’m pretty sure you’ve been waiting all along to hear something about the FELLOWS, wondering where they were as at the time of the competition. Some were of the view that the story would have been different if the KATANGEES were present.  

Well, as to whether that would have been so, their presence would have told. But as to why these ‘LEGENDS’ were missing in action, I can’t best tell, so in case you have any cue on that, please, my ears are also itching for that info- just whatsapp me with it as I make preparations in advance for the third edition of the competition- a dream I can’t wait to realize!!

Eugene O.A Marfo

(Author and Poet)

March 20TH, 2018