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Revelio Media will like to announce partnership with Swiss Cognitive a trusted network of industries, organizations, enterprises and start-ups that open and transparently discuss opportunities, impacts and development of Artificial Intelligence (AI), putting a spotlight on practical use-cases and hands-on experience whilst transferring the hype around AI to real possibilities.

This partnership is made for the much anticipated Tek Smartest event organized by Revelio Media and SRC KNUST (@TheSmartestGh, @knust_src ) scheduled for the month of March, 2020.

The competition is one that involves the use of technological tools and other brain training techniques to examine competitors across several disciplines of study. This year’s event is quite different from previous years since it will be held among the six Colleges and Institute of Distance Learning in KNUST instead of the six Halls and the International Students Association.

The challenge also tests the critical thinking capacity of students in solving contemporary world problems like climate change, biodiversity loss etc.

Swiss Cognitive will provide Tek Smartest with media publicity and a wider outreach.


The event will be graced by the Vice Chancellor of the school, the dean and other distinguished guests.


Written by: Peter Adivor

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