KNUST has once again trekked down the road of excellence.
Indeed, as one of Africa’s best universities, we pride ourselves in academic excellence, and promote activities which are geared toward same. 

Massive Audience at Great Hall

On 24th February 2018, KNUST NUGS, spearheaded by Mr Derek Okyere-Antwi (aka Compton) in partnership with Revelio Media, held the 2018 Tek Smartest Edition. 
The program started at 7:30pm and ended by 10:40pm. The competition engaged representatives of the various traditional halls in KNUST, and the ISA (Int Students’ Assoc). 

Nugs President, Kafui Dey, Vice Dean of Students

Unfortunately, the University Hall withdrew it’s participation. 
There were three stages of the competition: The Survival stage, Challenge stage and the Smartest stage. 
Republic Hall led the Survival stage  with optimism of winning the final round. By the end of the Survival stage, no contestants were evicted. However, for the Challenge stage, the results were as follows:

Unity Hall: 50 marks

Africa Hall: 20 marks

Independence Hall: 30 marks

Republic Hall: 20 marks

Queens Hall: 40 marks

ISA: no mark
Thus, seeing the eviction of Republic Hall, Africa Hall and the ISA. By the end of the Smartest stage, the final results accumulated as follows; 

Queens Hall: 70 marks 

Independence Hall: 145 marks 

Unity Hall: 160 marks

The Vice Dean Presents the Cheque to Unity Hall for Winning the Competition

Unity Hall wins Tek Smartest 2018. And the awards were; 

1st prize: Cash Prize of Gh¢ 1500, a Plaque and a Citation. 

2nd: Cash Prize of Gh¢500 and a Citation. 

3rd: Cash Prize of Gh¢300 and a Citation. 
All contestants merited certificates of participation. 
Congratulations to all participants!! 
Job well done to all organizers. 
Host: Kafui Dey 
MCs: MCee Classic & Mensah Jr
Organizers: KNUST NUGS and Revelio Media

My name is *Gifty Aku Hlordjie*

KNUST’s *🌞Sun Shall Soon Shine🌞*

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