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Well, I mentioned five (5) reputable names in my last piece. 
I’m sure you remember everything I said about Berla Mundi, Chris Attoh, Nana Aba Anamoah, Kafui Dey and my firm voice for Joselyn Dumas. 
Now, the decision has been reached and so, we have a host! 
I promised that the person shall be among the top five I listed, right? Finally, the jingle is out and we have our host. 

Well, live at the KNUST Great Hall, this 24th February, Tek Smartest comes off with _KAFUI DEY_ as our host again!🎊🎊🎊
Which hall is truly the hall of academicians? Or will it be someone from the off campus residence (Non-re)?

Independence Hall

You are the premiere hall, tell everyone that as far as KNUST is concerned, you were once the only standing hall and no one can steal your birth right! 

Republic Hall

They know you for birthing the “immoral lane” and you have been cut out to be called only when clubbing and entertainment is concerned. You stand a chance to prove them wrong! 
Queen’s Hall

They say you are one of the worst when it comes to everything. Events, pageants, and what not. Maybe except debate, but if truly you have birthed some of the best debators in KNUST, this is your chance to prove that you are smart. 

Africa Hall:

 You people are a symbolic representation of womanhood. So this is your time to promote the fight for women empowerment and show that what men can do, women can do it even better! 

Unity Hall

Conti! Power!! You people say you have power but you can’t hold power in vacuum. Take your power to Great Hall on 24th February and show to us all that aside your power in “morales”, you own the smartest brains on campus! 

University Hall:

 Katanga!!! Felloooowwsss! Charge!!!! Charge your men this February because you have always held that you are the university in the school. If that is true, then we want to see your boys do the magic this February. 

Non-Re: Off campus is calling for wifi extension, show to everybody that the wifi is needed for more research because the smartest students are off campus and more morale to do even better! 

People may not know a lot about the International Students Association (ISA), but I’ve encountered the association, and met some members informally. Believe me, if it’s about smartness, and money is on the table for it, they’re certainly a force to reckon with. So ISA, prove to them that Ghana is part of Africa and it is a fertile ground for all of us.

Guys, let’s give all contestants a fair ground to contest and find Tek Smartest 2018! We all qualify because we all have an element of smartness, but even among wise people, there’s still that one person they all listen to. So, who shall be Tek’s Smartest 2018? 

Kafui Dey has the job now! He shall be our host, and you would love the thrill in the Great Hall, this 24th February!

You already know who this is. Anyway, I’m Gifty Aku Hlordjie, believe in yourself if you are representing any constituency for Tek Smartest and know that, your 🌞Sun Shall Soon Shine🌞

: akuhlordjie33@gmail.com

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